Michael Suttor is one of the most preeminent Australian architects whose houses add immense value when rarely offered for sale. His leading reputation has developed over the course of 30 years designing modern elegant homes in the Australian environment. His houses are timeless yet inspirational, never ostentatious but with beautiful proportions and attention to detail. It is how you feel in his buildings that is unique – a feeling which is due to his understanding of the perfect harmony of proportion and balance.

He has honed his architectural skills working on difficult sites and he creates flexibility and efficiency in the use of available land. Great designs are expressed in liveable spaces and his intuitive understanding of the lifestyle needs of his clients is complemented by the integration with gardens and outdoor living spaces.

Michael’s houses are appropriate for the modern life style with a touch of the Mediterranean and a wonderful indoor outdoor flow. He understands the building process having spent years learning the building trades and can integrate the needs of the client with the skills of the builder and tradesmen to ensure a great result.

He works with top interior designers such as Michael Love and Thomas Hamel to provide maximum style and gorgeous understated elegance. His homes combine classical detailing with contemporary living and the buildings remain to become part of the timeless heritage of the residential landscape. Clients call back time after time.